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1 - Tutorials: experiments to do ABSOLUTELY to start well with the Quest 2

  • Getting started with the Quest 2 (Free) (759 Mo) (French) - GO 3 
    All the basics of VR via a ton of little things to do and discover through objects and even a game console. Very fun for players, less for others.

  • First Contact (Free) (758.8 MB) (French) - PEGI 3
  • You are in an office and a small robot helps you discover the basics of possible interactions in virtual reality with the help of an original 3D printer. Suitable for everyone.

    • Bogo (Free) (441.0 MB) (English) - PEGI 3
      An encounter with a pet called Bogo with whom you can interact directly to stroke it, feed it, throw things to fetch it... A very nice technical demo to discover the pleasures of being able to play with a play area (Roomscale) of two meters by two. 

      2 - Game demos: for fun without spending a penny 

      • Beat Saber Demo (Thanks) (143.1 Mo) - PEGI 3
        Rhythm games where you have to cut cubes with two lightsabers in rhythm.

      • Sports Scramble Demo (Thanks) (1.04 Go) - PEGI 3
        Single or multiplayer sports games where playing Tennis, Bowling and Baseball sometimes gets wacky with the Scramble mode that mixes props and gives a golf club on a tennis court, for example.

      • Dance Central Demo (Thanks) (1.78 Mo) - PEGI 12
        Dance to the beat and in crowded clubs. 

      • Superhot VR Demo (Thanks) (959.3 Mo) - PEGI 12
        This FPS sauce Matrix is ​​undoubtedly one of the best games in virtual reality. Here, the term "Bullet Time" comes into its own. 

      • Journey of the Gods Demo (Free)(451.6 MB) - PEGI 16
        Action-adventure game that takes us on a quest to unleash the power of the gods as we face the encroaching darkness.

      • Space Pirate Trainer Demo (Thanks) (1.02 Go) - PEGI 7
        One of the first VR shooters that still has so much fun to offer. You have to kill small flying robots from a spaceship launch platform. 

        3 - Multimedia applications: what to watch series, films, videos (classic, VR or 3D) 

        • Netflix (Free, with subscription) (87.3 MB) - PEGI PGR
          Allows you to enjoy your Netflix subscription in a virtual environment. 

        • Prime Video (Free, with subscription) (191.4 MB) - PEGI PGR
          Allows you to enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription in a virtual environment.

        • SKYBOX VR Video Player (9,99 €) (264,1 Mo) - PEGI 3
          The best media player of the Oculus Quest 2. It allows local playback, via a server, and accepts many encoding formats. It also allows the playback of 3D and VR movies. 

        • Bigscreen Beta (Thanks) (1.02 Go) - PEGI PGR
          The other ESSENTIAL application for watching 3D movies with others or even playing PC games without too much lag (non-VR) on a screen (cinema or other) in a virtual environment. 

        • Oculus TV (Grateful) (27.7 Mo) - PEGI PGR
          Gives access to many 360° videos to be at the heart of the action. It ranges from a rollercoaster, through science fiction, sports and many other things. 

        • Facebook Watch (Thanks) (4.0 Mo) - PEGI PGR
          Allows access to videos posted on the Facebook social network in the “Watch” section.

        • YouTube VR (Grateful) (96.9 Mo) - PEGI PGR
          Provides access to videos posted on YouTube.

          4 - Social, multiplayer: VR can help to have a busy social life without a "mask"

          • Alcove (Free) (439.9 MB) (English) - PEGI PGR
            Meeting space, social network.

          • AltspaceVR (Free) (439.9 MB) (English) - PEGI PGR
            Meeting space for live events. 

          • Venues (Beta Early Access) (Gratuit) (652,4 Mo) (Anglais) - PEGI PGR
            Meeting space for live events such as concerts, sports, comedy, etc.

          • VRChat (Free) (634.5 MB) (English) - PEGI PGR
            Social network where we are represented by an avatar. Opportunity to play and meet people. 

          • Rec Room (Free) (634.5 MB) (English) - PEGI PGR
            Another social space with lots of little games to play with friends. Its particularity is to be totally multiplatform starting from the telephone to all VR headsets. To note, there will be a Quest 2 version that will feature exclusive content (not compatible with the previous Quest). 

            5 - VR experiences: living impossible things in real life is possible. 

            • Ocean Rift (€9.99) (845.9 MB) (French) - PEGI 3
              It is the first virtual reality water safari park in the world. Explore an underwater world brimming with life including dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, rays, whales, manatees, sea lions and even prehistoric animals! It's beautiful, it's relaxing, it suits everyone. 

            • The Line (€4.99) (626.3 MB) (English-Portuguese) - PEGI 3
              "The Line" is a 15-minute interactive experience in virtual reality. It's a love story between two automatons reluctant to get off the rails to live their love in freedom. Not in French, but quite easily understandable, it finds its place in this top of the ideal experiences to discover virtual reality. Small tear assured.

            • National Geographic Explore VR (€9.99) (3.55 GB) (French) - PEGI 3
              Head to Antarctica and Peru for two epic adventures. Kayak around icebergs, climb an impressive ice barrier, brave a terrible snowstorm in search of a lost colony of emperor penguins and visit Machu Picchu, diving into incredible digital reconstructions of the ancient Inca citadel. Graphically successful, with varied gameplay, you will have a great time with this application.

            • Nature Treks VR (€9.99) (775.8 MB) (French) - PEGI 3
              A most relaxing experience. Nine environments to visit, in free movement or teleportation, twenty animals to discover and plenty of possible interactions such as growing trees, falling at night or changing the weather. An ideal application for introducing VR to non-gamers. 

            • Henry (Free) (775.8 MB) (French) - PEGI 3
              Narrated by Elijah Wood, and developed with former creative talent from the Brave and Toy Story 3 teams, Henry is the story of a huggable Hedgehog. But as he stings, he has no friend and finds himself alone on his birthday. He then makes a wish... This 360° animation is superbly produced and shows the potential of VR to bring stories to life. Short, intended to be watched seated and without using a controller, it is ideal for introducing children to VR. 

              6 - A varied selection of 10 essential games (for us):

              • Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (€14.99) (324.4 MB) (English) - PEGI 3
                Did you enjoy playing with Angry Birds on your phone? So immerse yourself in this VR version that sublimates the genre. Standing, with your virtual bird arch, you will knock down the constructions of the ugly little pigs. 

              • Dash Dash World (€24.99) (3.45 GB) (English) - PEGI 12
                This game is a multi-platform karting game with Mario Kart sauce in virtual reality. It offers a campaign, online tournaments, customization and a hundred trophies to win. The best of its kind in VR. 

              • Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition (€14.99) (1.73 GB) (French) - PEGI 18
                A very fun zombie wave-shooter with a story that holds up, pretty badass weapons and a cool multiplayer horde mode. Ideal for starting VR shooters

              • echo VR (Free) (649.1 MB) (English) - PEGI 12
                Futuristic sports game that is played as a team, against AI or humans, in a zero gravity arena. A must have and it's free! 

              • nots (€29.99) (2.64 GB) (French) - PEGI 7
                Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game specially created for virtual reality. It is played in outside vision, and not in first person view. You have to direct your mouse and help it cross the levels by interacting with the decor. Magical, poetic, essential.

              • Robo Recall: Unplugged (€29.99) (3.47 GB) (French) - PEGI 3
                It's an action-packed VR first-person shooter with visceral gameplay and an addictive scoring system. With superb graphics, immersive combat, excellent gameplay and fun, this game is a must-have for fans of first-person shooters.

              • Tetris Effect (€29.99) (2.95 GB) (French) - PEGI 3
                Play Tetris in total immersion in a colorful virtual world. Add a rocking soundtrack and you have the most original way to play Tetris. As addictive as the original, you're likely to leave for many sessions.

              • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners(€39.99) (7.86 GB) (French) - PEGI 18
                Walking among zombies, surviving with very little, finding something to craft weapons and other useful things, that's everyday life in this survival game that makes good use of the power of the Quest 2. A must have!

              • The Room VR: A Dark Matter(€29.99) (2.32 GB) (French) - PEGI 7
                The disappearance of a renowned Egyptologist from the British Institute of Archeology in London in 1908 leads us to conduct a police investigation into enigmatic and mystical places where the line between reality and illusion is no longer very clear. Exciting investigation, intuitive gameplay and retina-pleasing graphics. In the genre, it is a must.

              • Sire Immortal: Episode I, II And III (€7.99 x 3) (10.03 GB) (French) - PEGI 16
                A total immersion in the world of Star Wars in three parts that make us meet Darth Vader, fight with the lightsaber and much more. Essential for fans, and even others. 

              • Racket NX (€19.99) (613.0 MB) (English) - PEGI 3
                A futuristic squash that places us on a platform in the center of a dome where we will be taken to roll our ball on light tiles adorning the walls to turn them off, and this as quickly as possible to score the most points. Full of pitfalls and complications are, of course, there to make the challenge interesting. Very physical, very fun, this game quickly becomes addictive in solo or with others.

              • Until You Fall (24.99 €) (2.32 GB) (English) - PEGI 12
                This game is an arcade-inspired VR hack'n slash that will force you to explore and master your own unique fighting style for hours of frenetic, kinetic fun.

              • Population One (€29.99) (2.35 GB) (French) - PEGI 12
                This game is a Battle Royale that plunges us into the heart of a colorful futuristic world where the "there can only be one" applies to our squad whose members will have to cooperate to win. VR brings to this game a fun impossible to approach otherwise and it is quite difficult to stop playing it as it is addictive. 

              • Onward (€24.99) (2.91 GB) (English) - PEGI 16
                This game is an FPS that combines mil-sim gameplay with the experience of playing in virtual reality. Players cannot rely on crosshairs or minimaps, but rather coordination and communication with their team members to successfully complete the objective. Realistic combat mechanics and artificial movement push our combat survival skills to their limits. 

              • Path of the Warrior (€19.99) (1.68 GB) (English) - PEGI 7
                Imagine a Street of Rage in the first person and you will have this game that puts us in the shoes of the one who will put order in the city. Surprising at first sight, this game is a pure tribute to the game of retro fights and the adaptation of the gameplay to virtual reality is excellent. It takes a bit of space to avoid breaking something, but if you're a fan of the genre, give it a try!

              • Blaston (€19.99) (182.6 MB) (English) - PEGI 7
                Have you always dreamed of being a pro gunslinger and challenging your enemies to a duel like in an action movie with Clint Eastwood? Then this game is for you. Slow fire, armor, weapons and lots of dodging is what the studio's new game offers Resolution Games.

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