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With the perpetual evolution of new technologies and the development of the web, downloading a film, a series, a video game, music, a book has become commonplace in France. Thus, to proceed with the downloading of such files online, there are two practical methods: legal solutions which take into account the respect of copyright but also illegal direct downloading.

Tirexo new address

More and more users are resorting to the second method, in particular in order to watch television series, films, forgetting its real risks. If you want to know more about direct download and best direct download sites and the best streaming sites, this article is made for you.


direct download or Direct DownLoad (often abbreviated as DDL) is common practice. It consists of obtaining digital files directly from a website via its web browser. We talk about the client-server model because the Internet user (the client) asks to retrieve a file (regardless of what it contains) from the server that hosts the file.
The downloaded file is directly stored on the customer's device. It stands out from Peer to Peer (often abbreviated to P2P), also known as peer-to-peer downloading, which uses the resources of multiple users to download a file, not a central server.

Tirexo new address 2022

The Direct Download is, to date, the technique most used by Internet users. When you go through this download mode, you don't need any software to get the files you want, just use your internet browser. All you have to do is click on a link made available by a site to obtain your file.


Nowadays, there are thousands of download sites on the web. In particular, they offer services for downloading cinematographic works, whether films, series, cartoons, shows, etc.

The problem with these sites is their visibility which leads to increased surveillance.

For better protection, we advise you to go to private sites that require participation from its members in order to avoid advertisements and known search engines such as Google.

Here is the most famous of the moment with an impressive catalog of films given the rarity of the files it offers is: VIVLAJEUNESSE.NET

Meilleur site de téléchargement


Your Internet service provider (Free, SFR, Orange) may be blocking your access to the site, if this is the case you must use a VPN such as Express VPN (The Best Encrypted VPN).

Tirexo alternative

This French website was created in 2009. Its current name is and its purpose is to list direct download links of various old file types. It is very popular and has not escaped numerous setbacks (seizure of servers, boycotts, bans, etc.) which have led it to change its name and URL / domain name several times. is easy to use and many contents are available in several languages. Among the files that are offered, you have films and series, animated films, documentaries and also video games. These multimedia contents are free to download.

If you want to access it, go to its current and only URL:

Meilleur site de téléchargement


However, warez and streaming sites argue that they are not illegal because they do not host copyrighted content themselves. They rather reference them on specialized platforms such as Uploaded, Uptobox or 1fichier which host the files to be downloaded.


It allows anyone who wants to upload or host all kinds of files. Even without registration, it is possible to access its services. However, the maximum uploaded file size is 1 GB for anonymous users. It is 2 GB for registered users and 5 GB for premium Internet users.


Based in France, 1 file, is one of the best known file hosts in Europe. Flexible and fast, registration on this platform is simple. Finally, the account options and price on this site effectively meet the needs of users.

How to be incognito on the net and access sites banned by Google.

Unfortunately, by default, DNS is usually slow and insecure. Your Internet service provider, and anyone else listening on the Internet, can see all the sites you visit and all the applications you use, even if their content is encrypted. Some DNS providers sell data about your internet activity or use it to target you with ads.

If you think this is questionable, there is now an alternative:


 Meilleur site de téléchargement


Use a virtual private network or VPN

The first way to bypass website blocking is to use a virtual private network or VPN. VPN is a technology that, in general, uses encrypted combinations so that our PC can send and receive data on shared or public networks as if it were a private network. Our computer connects to this network and this in turn connects to the web address we want to access. In this way, it is possible to circumvent the blocking by hiding our real IP and/or changing the geographical area.

Use a proxy

Another solution is to use a proxy, a faster but less secure solution than the previous one. On the Internet there are hundreds of free proxies that we can use to access a blocked page.

Use IP instead of URL

Every web page we visit by entering a URL or searching for its address in Google is actually an IP address. One of the problems with the current blocking by the operators is that it is done, in the vast majority of cases, at the level of the DNS, which prevents us from accessing the URL in question, but not the IP of the domain.

To locate the IP of a website, simply access the command prompt or CMD, type “ping” without quotes and press the Enter key. In a few seconds, it gives you the IP address of the blocked web page that you just have to enter in the address bar of the browser. You can also use the site.

Use Google translator

No, we haven't gone mad! Indeed, some online translators, such as Google Translate, are used to access blocked websites. To do this, one must access the tool, write the URL instead of a text and translate it into another language, thus allowing Google to access the blocked site. It usually works quite well.

Use Discrete

The next alternative is to go through the TOR browser which itself goes through a very powerful VPN that hides your IP address and changes your geolocation.



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