The Nintendo Switch 2 would come in 2024

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Zelda. This is probably the word you will hear the most in the editorial staff for a week as the latest addition to Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom, marked the video game news of this month of May 2023. Its staggering sales bear witness to this, if need be.

However, this release is accompanied by a debate, which regularly shakes up fans of the brand with the red cap, both inside and outside the newsroom: does the Nintendo Switch has had its day? Or put another way: isn't it time for the release of a Nintendo Switch 2 or his potential successor?

The Nintendo Switch Pro that never came

La Nintendo Switch Pro qui n’est jamais venue

Remember, in 2021 already, the rumor rustled around a Nintendo Switch Pro, capable of displaying games from the famous Japanese publisher in 4K. And then Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED, a version always equipped with a Tegra X1 chip of 2015. According to several sources, a Pro version was well in the cards, but Nintendo would have canceled it.

While just released the new opus de Zelda, the desire for an Smore powerful witch wins many fans. Others, on the other hand, claim to be content with the experience offered and do not feel the need for renewal. Some finally evoke the revival of portable consoles, with the Steam Deck et la Rog Ally as a figurehead.

Is it time for a Nintendo Switch 2?

This is why we wanted to ask your opinion on the release, hypothetical, of a Nintendo Switch 2 ? Are you expecting it? If yes, when?

Here are your answers:

La Nintendo Switch 2 viendrait en 2024

Of the batch of voters, 47% of you are expecting a Switch 2 and 2024. 19.1% would like it now. Nearly 15% want to see it released in 2023. 13.3% of voters have seen the light and consider that there is no need for Switch 2 and 5% prefer another model, that of Valve with the Steam Deck or Asus with the Rog Ally.

A large number of comments claim that the Switch was "already outdated the day it came out", as it says Wasteak. Many comments on our Twitter posts expect more advanced capabilities such as 1080 definition with 60 fixed frames per second or a switch to 4K.

The Nintendo Switch 2 would come in 2024


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