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Everything you need to know about the Playstation 5

August 2020 | Enjouet LTD


The end of 2020 will be the scene of a new generation of video game consoles. Faced with the Xbox (Series X) already unveiled by Microsoft, the future Sony PlayStation 5 remains a well-kept secret. But for several months now, leaks have given us a clearer idea.


Everything you need to know about the Playstation 5



In October 2019, Sony officially announced the upcoming release of its fifth console, the PlayStation 5. The subject of many rumors even before this officialization, it has since been the subject of countless leaks. Patent diagrams, photos, emails, there is much non-certified information gleaned here and there for months.

The year 2020 having now started, we take this opportunity to recap as much of the official information as possible but also of the rumors to be taken with a grain of salt concerning the PS5. Please note that this file is subject to modifications as new developments follow its publication.


When is the Playstation 5 released and at what price?


For the PS5, the only official release date given so far by Sony, corresponds to end of year celebrations 2020. November 20, 2020 nevertheless returns several times in some leaks. According to several leaks, the price of the PS5 would rise at 499 dollars (therefore, probably 449 euros). According to leaker @ IronManPS5 (on Twitter), the date is right. He said, however, that it would be released in Japan, before the rest of the world, on November 14. He claims that, according to his sources, the console would cost 499 euros in its standard version and 399 for the "Digital Edition" (the same price as the PS4 in 2013), without a player. The latest rumors, coming from ... Carrefour, unfortunately seem to indicate that the price will be the same in euros. He even adds knowing the price of accessories: a separate DualSense would cost 60 euros, or 30 euros more with a charging station. The official webcam and headset would be sold respectively at 60 and 179 euros.

According to Bloomberg, Sony would try to sell it cheaper, around $ 399. However, currently, the high cost of electronic components would push the manufacturing price to exceed the selling price. This difference would force the Japanese firm to revise the price of its console upwards to guarantee its profitability. According to new information, the price would still be debated at Sony. The firm reportedly planned not to manufacture only a limited number of consoles initially to play with demand and thus try to justify a higher price. This would currently be estimated between $ 499 and $ 549 per unit, due to the cost of its “hardware”.

In a recent interview for BBC, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the video game arm of the firm, has not yet given a concrete answer to this question but offers some avenues. Regarding the current state of the world economy, particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, Jim Ryan replied that “The video game industry was one of the sectors that generally remained resilient in economic downturns. " That being said, it seems to point out that Sony doesn't necessarily plan to take advantage of it by tying the PS5 outrageously high. "This situation encourages us to make sure we find the best possible value for money., says Jim Ryan. I would emphasize the value of the product rather than the price. We need to be even more careful than usual to ensure that the overall value of our proposition, in terms of console and games - their quantity, quality and variety - attracts our community as much as possible. "



What are the first games announced?


At the big online conference "The future of video games on PS5", Sony presented a long list of early games which will be released on PlayStation 5 when it goes on sale later this year. A good part of them are obviously stamped "PlayStation Studios", the new label of the brand's exclusives (see below). All games planned for PS5, upon release at the end of the year, are referenced below. Additionally, Sony and RockStar Games have confirmed that GTA Online, the open world of GTA V in online multiplayer, will be available for free on PS5 in 2021.


The list of the first games confirmed on PS5:


  • Godfall

  • Outriders

  • Scarlet nexus

  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

  • Gran Turismo 7

  • Stray

  • Returnal

  • All Stars Destruction

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits

  • Ghost Wire: Tokyo

  • Demon’s Souls

  • Pragmata

  • Goodbye Volcano High

  • Jett: The Far Shore

  • Deathloop

  • Solar Ash

  • Little Devil Inside

  • Astro’s Playroom

  • Bugsnax

  • Project Anthia

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

  • NBA 2K21

  • Hitman III: Death Awaits

  • Village: Resident Evil (8)

  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure

  • Horizon 2 - Forbidden West


Unlike the future Xbox (Series X), the PlayStation 5 currently has very few video games ready to accompany its release. One of the few known so far is called Godfall, officially planned on PS5 but also on PC. Presented for the first time at the ceremony of Game Awards 2019, the latter is a third-person slasher set in a new fantasy universe. Another title, unveiled in February, is a futuristic co-op shooter-RPG designed by Square Enix called ’Outriders. Like the PS5, its release is scheduled for the holiday season 2020. Other titles still without a release date such as Watch Dogs: Legion or Gods and monsters will most likely be released on PS5 as well. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, another Ubisoft title, has confirmed its release on PS5 next December.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that all titles released exclusively for its new console will be released under the new Playstation studios. The firm took the opportunity to present the new animation of its logo (below), citing games like The Last of Us, God of war or Horizon Zero Dawn which were originally exclusive to the PS4. "If our studios handle the production of a game and work in conjunction with an outside developer, it will come out with the PlayStation Studios stamp., explains Eric Lampel, Marketing Director at Sony to Games Industry. This doesn't necessarily mean that we own the development studio but that we edit the game directly for our console. "


What will be the characteristics of the PS5?


In May, during a presentation of performance of prototypes of the PS5, Sony had already demonstrated the speed of loading of its future console. Following an official speech from Sony's “hardware” project director, Mark Cerny, the PS5 should benefit from 10.3 teraflops of power (compared to the 12 teraflops of the next Xbox). In addition, the Japanese firm has confirmed that it has equipped its future console with a GPU specially designed by AMD, based on an RDNA 2 architecture, and a 4K Blu-ray player able to read 100 GB optical discs. The SSD would be able to load 2 Gb of data in just 0.27 seconds - compared to 1 Gb in 20 seconds for the PS4 Pro. On the GPU, Mark Cerny, one of the designers of the PS4 and PS5, confirmed to Wired that it will be equipped with the technology of "Ray tracing", considerably improving the rendering of synthetic images. On the storage side, the PS5 would be armed with an SSD drive, 825 Gb (assisted by 16 Gb of RAM) "Incredibly fast" benefiting a completely redesigned user interface. This will give players the option of joining any online multiplayer game in progress or continuing a particular mission from one of its solo games in a single action. Finally, Mark Cerny announces that the PS5 will launch a new "Standard meter" in terms of audio quality, in the console world, in particular thanks to the new system Tempest 3D AudioTech.

In addition, a patent filed by Sony could put memory cartridges back in the spotlight with the PS5. These, originally interpreted for game cartridges, would in fact be thought to store "Images, characters, sounds or an entire program". They would function as multi-terabit external SSDs from memory. Obviously, like the other patent filings discovered here and there, this new concept of game cartridges might never see the light of day.



What will the new generation of DualSense controllers look like?


On August 3, the Japanese firm confirmed in an official press release on the PlayStation Blog that only DualSenses controllers will be compatible with PS5 games. A DualShock 4 (or an officially licensed third-party controller) can still be used optionally to play PS4 titles. Moreover, the vast majority of old PlayStation 4 accessories (special peripherals, headsets, PS Move, etc.) will continue to be usable on the new console. Only problem: Regarding the PlayStation Camera, Sony warns that you will need a free adapter. The Japanese firm has not yet specified how it will be possible to provide one for those concerned.

On April 7, Sony unveiled on one of the official PlayStation Twitter accounts the new controller that will accompany the PS5: the first DualSense (above). In addition to the traditional features, the DualSense sports a touch pad whose configuration promises to be quite rich as well as a "Menu" and "Create" button (instead of "Share") on both sides. Sony also reassured fans that the DualSense would still have a jack for plugging in headphones.



When the fifth generation PlayStation was officially announced in October 2019, its manufacturer, Sony, promised to focus on a diversification of the controls given by the DualShocks controllers. According to recent images from patent filings, the new generation of controllers (called DualShock 5) should be more tapered to accommodate larger triggers. In addition, it would lack a Light Bar and a micro-USB socket but would have a microphone grille to include a speaker function and a 3.5 jack port. Above all, the controllers of the PS5 would be armed with a configurable touch screen. Additionally, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan explained in an interview with Wired that the sensations would be different with the DualShocks 5: the simple vibration will now give way to a more haptic feedback. On this subject, a new patent, recovered by SegmentNext, would indicate that the vibrations of future PS5 controllers would be configurable, to adjust the intensity level only for certain in-game situations or actions. These customizations would even be saved by the console, for each game.

From the functional point of view, they would be able to configure a new kind of multiplayer : two-on-two with six players. In other words, for example in a fighting game, three players with three controllers each could simultaneously control a character while three other players would similarly control the controls of his opponent. Finally, on the side of the PlayStation VR, the future DualShocks 5 may be able to pave the way for a new type of remote virtual reality game. Could the PS5 give birth to a PS VR 2?


Towards the launch of a "PS VR 2"?


Since its launch in 2016, three years after that of the PS4, the PlayStation VR device has reportedly been sold to more than five million people around the world, compared to more than 100 million PS4s sold. So much so that Sony ultimately remains one of the only manufacturers to offer console virtual reality. However, very little information (aside from the one above) seem to shine through as to its future on Sony's next-gen consoles. The specialized site VRPlayer contacted several development studios specifically dedicated to the publishing of virtual reality video games and noted their stagnation. For several months now, everyone seems to have been waiting to learn more about the PS5 and its possibilities before embarking on the development of adapted VR games. In addition, these developers find it easier to edit VR games on PC (for example, for Oculus Quest or HTC Vive Pro) than on console. Yet, according to a recent article Bloomberg, Sony would be ready to release a new virtual reality headset, together with the release of the PS5.

Without claiming that this is indeed a preview of the future PlayStation VR dedicated to the PS5, two employees at Sony recently demonstrated a new technology, halfway between VR, and the very first PS Move launched, at the time, on the PS3. This device seems to offer a very precise and fast response of the player's finger movement, quite close to what the Valve Index can offer in terms of finger detection.


Will the PS5 be backwards compatible? What other specificities?


Sony Asia spokesperson claimed PlayStation 5 will make it possible free portage of some games from the PS4 only according to the wishes of their developers. Several video game studios have confirmed such a port of their future games.

Last October, Sony also claimed to make its new console backwards compatible with at least all video games released on PS4. According to rumors have it that the PS5 will be able to accommodate many more retro games in its player. Like the full backward compatibility that Microsoft has guaranteed for Xbox (Series X), the PS5 should be able to launch any video game from PS1 to PS4, thanks to a mysterious "Remastering process" internal. We will have to wait for more official information to be sure. In March 2020, Sony nevertheless confined itself to confirming backward compatibility for “A large majority of the more than 4000 titles released on PS4. "

In addition, again alongside Game Pass and Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere, the Playstation now should undergo some changes with the arrival of the PS5. According to a recent leak, the online service should switch to Monthly subscription. Sony reportedly plans to offer three months of free PS Now with every purchase of a PS5. In addition, the latter should include the Remote Play, allowing you to play on a smartphone or tablet as well as on a computer.



What are the differences with the new Xbox Series X (or Scarlett)? What is the best gaming console?


Undoubtedly even more than with the previous generation, the two great distinctions that will exist between the next respective consoles from Sony and Microsoft will concern power and price. The future PS5 should be lower than its competitor, the Xbox (Series X), on these two points. If Microsoft has promised that the latter will be sold at a "reasonable price", it may cost a little more than the PS5, currently estimated at around $ 500. This difference would be reflected especially under the hood. The PS5 should benefit from a Ryzen 8-core CPU from AMD while the new Xbox will be armed with an AMD processor designed especially for it, following the new Zen 2 architecture. Ditto on the GPU side: the PS5 s' would equip a Radeon Navi while the Series X would benefit from a special graphics card, endowing it with 12 teraflops of power.


Everything you need to know about the Playstation 5

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