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Re containment. This toy seller refuses to close his store

November 2020 | ait ali slimane


Ulcerated that supermarkets could still sell toys during this new confinement, Frédéric Le Fave, manager of the Joué Club in Ploumagoar (Côtes-d'Armor), announced that it will open this Friday, despite the ban.

"I am at war, I will open tomorrow morning." In his Joué Club store in the Ploumagoar shopping area (Côtes-d'Armor) Frédéric Le Fave is “angry”: “It is not normal that the rules are not the same for everyone: if we have to close, so hypermarkets must also close their toy shelves. Otherwise, it is unfair competition. It's the same for internet platforms. "

60% of turnover

At his side, the mayor of Ploumagoar, Yannick Echevest, said he “understood his dismay. Consumers are concentrated in supermarkets, refusing other traders to open ". According to Frédéric Le Fave, who employs four people and an accountant, to close during this reconfinement would be catastrophic for his brand: “Christmas represents 60% of our turnover in two months. I will have € 250,000 in arrears in December, I don't have € 200,000 in cash advance. "

However, he concedes making “the biggest day of my life. We will exceed 400 customers, instead of 100 ", but not enough to change his mind, despite the risk of seeing the gendarmes arrive:" I am a diehard, I am 60 years old, I am 'don't care now. This is not a political gesture, but that of a business owner in his store. "

A position that questions, while thousands of people are affected by the Covid-19. In his response, by email, to the merchant, the deputy Yannick Kerlogot calls on his responsibility: “I can only ask you to reverse your decision, as difficult as it is. The President of the Republic has reminded that exceptional financial measures will be taken in the direction of traders prevented from selling. The goal of containment remains to stop the rapid spread of the virus. "



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