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What are the benefits of lego toys for children?

November 2020 | ait ali slimane


Present on the early childhood toy market since 1932, LEGOs have retained their notoriety over the years. These are construction toys made up of figurines, bricks and different parts that can be assembled and assembled to form specific objects. Very popular with children, LEGO toys are very popular on the market. According to some psychologists, playing with LEGOs has countless benefits for your little one. Discover in this article the many benefits of these toys for children.

LEGO toys develop children's emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability for a person to be able to express and regulate their emotions, but also to be able to perceive and regulate the emotions of others. It is important to know that all humans are born emotionally illiterate. This skill must be developed from an early age using different techniques. According to psychiatrists, LEGO toys are a very effective way to develop it in your offspring. Indeed, this game allows to:

  • cultivate the creativity of your little treasure;
  • show empathy;
  • stimulate and free his imagination;
  • develop your locution;
  • cultivate the ability to set and achieve goals.

LEGO toys stimulate children's fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to easily control the small muscles in the hand and those in the fingers. This control is of great importance since it will allow the child to carry out several activities on his own. While playing LEGO, your little one will have to wield small pieces that he will have to position with precision to form objects. Through this exercise of accuracy, he will easily develop his manual ability and work on coordination between his members.

LEGO toys instill social skills in children

After several studies carried out by researchers, it has been shown the positive impact of LEGO toys in the development of children's well-being. Indeed, these toys develop in your little treasure:

  • Self-confidence: Putting the different pieces of LEGO together to form an object can be a bit difficult for a child at these beginnings. However, with perseverance and retrying, he will succeed in accomplishing this task. This success will be a great satisfaction which will improve his self-esteem and instill in him patience;
  • socialization: LEGOs are convivial games that can be played in groups. Letting your offspring play with other children their age will help them be more social. In fact, working as a team, the children decide together on their project, set themselves responsibilities, communicate on the different techniques for carrying out the project.

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