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Nintendo Switch Pro: a Mini-LED screen

October 2020 | ait ali slimane


Fantasized for several years by gamers, the Nintendo Switch Pro could this time arrive in our salons in 2021, and be equipped with a new Mini-LED screen.

Even before the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite last year, rumors were rife about the marketing of a possible Pro iteration of Nintendo's hybrid console. It must be said that since its release in 2017, Big N had not really upgraded its machine. While 2020 will have signed a year of record sales for the Nintendo Switch (thank you COVID-19), the Japanese company is now in the process of offering the long-awaited Pro version of its console: it could be marketed in the course of year 2021, this time reports the Slashgear site. Its rumors were reignited by a report from Chinese media UDN which revealed that the manufacturer had visited Taiwanese panel maker Innolux Corporation, with the idea of replacing the 720p LCD screens on its current console (currently supplied by manufacturers Sharp and JDI) by a new Mini-LED display technology, which consumes less battery and is more precise in displaying the image.

By releasing a new version of its console next year, we can hope for a possible significant drop in the price of the classic Nintendo Switch. Unless the Japanese manufacturer decides on the contrary to increase the price of its Pro machine, thus bringing it closer to the competition. To justify such a price increase, however, Nintendo would need to bring more than a simple change of screen to its console, also boosting its capabilities, offering a 4K display, but above all by solving the still latent problem of Joy- Con Drift, which still crystallize many tensions among players. Last month, UFC Que Chooser filed an official complaint to sanction the Japanese giant for planned obsolescence.



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