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The wrestling versions of Spider-Man, Venom and Captain America

October 2020 | ait ali slimane


Walt disney and Marvel intend to establish themselves more permanently in Mexico. How? 'Or' What ? By using a Mexican wrestling company and by giving birth to the first “luchadores” officially stamped with Marvel!


Their names are Aracno, Venenoide, Leyenda Americana and Terror Purpura and they won't just fight on paper alone. Marvel today announces the creation of a subsidiary called Marvel Lucha Libre Edition who wants to mix his comics with the mexican wrestling (or "lucha libre" in Mexico) through clothes, accessories but above all real wrestlers in the flesh! La Maison des Idées is joining forces with the AAA (for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración), or Triple A, one of the largest wrestling companies in Mexico. The director of the AAA, Dorian Roldan, is already looking forward to bringing together what has always seemed to be two sides of the same coin. “Teaming up with Marvel will bring together two fantastic worlds featuring characters audiences have always made heroes,” the wrestling promoter said in an official statement.

At first, this unprecedented association will only be embodied by the four luchadores (wrestlers, in Spanish) serving as alter-egos to Spider-Man, Venom, Captain America and Thanos. They will make their debut in the ring and in front of the cameras at the AAA’s biggest annual event, TripleMania. Its 28th edition, initially scheduled for August, has been postponed to next December due to the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico. AAA TripleMania XVIII does not yet have a specific date but should be held at the Arena Ciudad in Mexico City, which can hold up to 22,300 spectators ... depending on health measures of course.


Use wrestling to gain a foothold in Mexico?


After this trial run, Marvel intends to use its new subsidiary, Lucha Libre Edition, as a means of harnessing local cultural heritage to generate more profit in Mexico. “In addition to developing creative initiatives, our goal is to maintain the cultural authenticity of Mexican wrestling, by combining AAA's subject matter expertise with Marvel's experience in storytelling and character creation. , Explain Luis Lomeli, commercial director of the Mexican branch of Walt disney company. The potential of wrestling is limitless. His quality, his colors and his talents are gaining more and more value in the world today. Based on its unique and original identity, we will be able to develop product lines, such as clothes, shoes, goodies, characters and school products. "In Mexico, the Marvel Lucha Libre Edition brand is said to be preparing, for example, already to sell Funko pops in the effigy of his own masked wrestlers as Arcano and Venenoide (as reported by Funko Pop News! on Twitter, above). In the future, Disney-Marvel intends to promote it through family shows organized specially by the AAA around its new superheroic luchadores.


Marvel and wrestling, a natural connection

This alliance around the Marvel Lucha Libre Edition is not the first to bring together wrestling and superheroes, in particular from the Maison des Idées. Famous luchadores, like Rey Mysterio, star of the WWE in the United States, or Volador Junior, luchador du CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre), a competing company of the AAA, have regularly disguised themselves as superheroes such as Daredevil or Captain America for the former and Venom for the latter. For its part, in the 1980s, Marvel had imagined a fictional wrestling company in the comics The Thing, centered around The Thing, a rocky member of the Fantastic Four. Called Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, it brought together wrestlers with superpowers including Ben Grimm. As proof, as we explained in our report "How is wrestling linked to geek culture? ":" The culture of masked Mexican wrestlers is closely linked to that of superheroes. " Today, the affair simply becomes official.



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