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The "French toys" brand at war with Amazon

December 2020 | ait ali slimane

A shopkeeper from Bouches-du-Rhône is trying to ban the term "French toys", used for items made in China on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

A saleswoman of "made in France" toys has gone to war with the internet giants. His company name, "French Toys", is used by Amazon and other online stores to reference their products, while some are made in China.

Unfair competition according to Pamela Magotte, the head of a toy store in Saint-Miter-les-Remparts, just next to Martigues in the Bouches-du-Rhône. This is a line of conduct that she has held since the creation of her shop, he 6 years old. "A French toy is a toy created, thought out, made in France, and not designed in France and manufactured abroad ", she points out for RTL.

A simple marketing formula for these internet giants, Amazon in the lead, but which inevitably pollutes online referencing, and which also results in customers feel cheated by a fake "made in France"

We take people "for imbeciles"

"They are sabotaging my work, protests Pamela Magotte. She has a" French bashing "because" it feels good to sell French toys. "" I am not don't agree to take people for fools (...) There are people who go home thinking that it is a French toy even though it is made in China ", she criticizes. 

Pamela Magotte further explains that her brand "French toys" is known to e-commerce platforms for having interacted with them. "They could have used a different name than my company, knowing that I exist," she regrets.

Pamela Magotte contacted the major platforms, which replied that it was a generic term. With 3,000 euros in fixed charges each month, the shopkeeper hopes that the French will return to physical stores to prepare for the holidays.



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