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Evening entertainment: what game to play with friends?

September 2020 | ait ali slimane


An evening with friends is looming. We prepare with care and enthusiasm aperitifs, table, music fromambiance adapted to all tastes ... We are also preparing to spend a good evening full of aperitif games and various discussions. But as a host, we also want to unite everyone around fun games. Here are two great classics, perfect for livening up your evenings with friends.


The werewolf


This game is a bestseller ! You don't need to have a ready-made kit on hand to play it successfully. Indeed, it may be sufficient to bring sheets and pens.

This is a role play. A game master remains behind and manages the smooth running of the game. Arranged in a circle, the guestsimagine themselves in a charming village. At night, some of the inhabitants turn into werewolves. This pack of monsters wins if it devours all the villagers. The others, the villagers therefore, aim to eradicate the animals.

The master of the game give each player a little secret piece of paper (or a card if they have a pre-made deck) indicating their role. We can be in the camp of the werewolves or in that of the villagers, and there are different roles according to the variants: a clairvoyant (or a seeing wolf) able to keep his eyes open at night in order to denounce a monster during the day, a leader whose vote (designating the victim) will count twice, a cupid linking two people who will die together… the possibilities are numerous!

Days and nights follow one another. At night, the monsters vote to designate a victim. The villagers have their eyes closed and they must do so in the most absolute silence (so as not to be overheard). When the day comes, the victim is named dead by the game master, and the villagers must vote (all together, werewolves included!) To decide who is likely to be a werewolf and must therefore be executed.

The more people there are (beyond six people), the more game is captivating, and the longer the games!


The mystery phrase


Here is a more transversal game, which can last all evening, but which can be the source of giggles and endless misunderstandings.

The host prepares small pieces of paper in advance on which are written a little particular sentences (such as blah, cat, I eat them every Tuesday or giraffes like to drum in the forest). It is imperative that the guest slip in this imposed sentence during a conversation in the evening. To win, it must have been heard by the host (who validates), but this sentence must have gone unnoticed by other guests.

The situations created can be very funny in themselves: but we can embellish the game with pledges, especially when discovering the pot-aux-roses: be creative, and do not be afraid to abuse the traditional action or truth? when choosing said pledge! Be careful, as the host you must have a good memory (or have a notepad handy) and be attentive to conversations!

It may be good to prepare several sentences per guest, more and more complex, to distribute throughout the evening. The guest who validates the most sentences can win a jackpot.

A river game, therefore, potentially hilarious, which is perhaps better suited to more intimate evenings (less than 10 guests).




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