Clothes, toys, and soft toys for the baby's arrival

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If you are already a parent, you have inevitably experienced times of doubt or questioning about the necessary equipment to have before the arrival of your first child. Moms are generally more comfortable listing the necessary equipment, while future dads are sometimes staring into the panoply to buy. Sleeping bag? Not know. Stroller? But why are there so many different models! Umbrella bed? Uh why, we don't need that, baby don't go sleep outside anyway… Bottle warmer? Can't use the microwave or heat in a double boiler? Finally, you get the idea. Madame wants to buy everything, Monsieur is lost.


The really necessary equipment for your baby


To simplify, let's group the necessary effects by theme:

  • Transport: to return from the maternity ward, you will need a stroller and a cozy (which will serve as a baby seat for the car). Landals are superfluous
  • Sleep: a cot for the house, and possibly a cot to sleep outside with friends or other. But this travel cot is not essential, you can use the cozy at the start.
  • Meals: bottles if the baby is not breastfed. It is a few months later that it will be necessary to add the equipment for the first solid meals, and therefore to buy baby spoons and bibs, then later all the necessary for large meals (high chair, plate, glass in plastic, bib ...)
  • Crying: pacifiers and soft toys
  • Clothing: depending on the season in which your child is born, you will need to equip yourself with more or less warm clothes, for the day and for the nights (sleeping bag required). In practice, babies spend a large part of their warm time in their bodysuits and pajamas during the first months. So choose very comfortable pajamas, and pretty for souvenir photos!



Fun shopping for your newborn


We have seen the list of the main purchases really necessary to prepare for the baby's arrival. But it would be a little sad to stop there, wouldn't it? Among the fun purchases for babies, there are clothes, toys and also soft toys! It's hard to guess which soft toy will be your child's favorite! Will it be a wonderful blanket of at Enjouet ? The Disney blanket? Or the unbranded soft toy that is so cute? You are bound to have surprises, and maybe even baby will not get attached to his blanket. But it is still essential, so the choice is yours!

Among the other fun purchases for the baby's arrival, there is sometimes a change of car to consider (pleasure purchase for parents sometimes but not always, because you go into the “parents” category with a vehicle that goes with it; ). You could also take the opportunity to equip yourself with an SLR camera, or settle for photos from your phone if your budget is too tight.

Either way, your life will change!



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