Hasbro doll accused of defending child crime

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The American toy giant has decided to withdraw the Trolls doll, dubbed Poppy, from the market.

Poppy, a doll with the effigy of the little magical creatures of the Trolls, marketed by the brand Hasbro, has been withdrawn from the market because of a controversy due to a misplaced button.

The doll in question has a button on the stomach. When the child presses it, Poppy speaks. But an American mom spotted a second button, at the crotch. As she squeezed it, she was shocked to hear small cries of joy, or sighs. She posted a video on social media alerting families to the problem.


Several parents made the same observation and quickly the controversy grew, the doll being accused of normalizing pedophile acts. A petition has been posted on the site Change.org and had, this Sunday, August 9 at midday, collected more than 422,000 signatures.

Hasbro apologized and decided to withdraw the product, offering to exchange it for another toy of the same value.

However, Facebook has flagged the video of Jessica McManis (the author of the petition) as partially false. Because the button in question is originally a sensor intended to make the doll react when the child puts it in a sitting position on a chair.



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