An augmented reality game made in France

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The start-up Mirabo has created an augmented reality game to allow children to learn English in a fun way.


A book and a phone to learn English. Ahmed and Redouane have just created Mirabo, an augmented reality game, with a book and a smartphone, to learn English while having fun. A global innovation, created and manufactured in France.

We put a helmet on our eyes, we slide the smartphone inside, we sit comfortably and we place the book in our hands, that's it, let's go: "We go through the books and on each page we discover vocabularies", explains Ahmed Belabbas.

The entrepreneur is self-taught. After a health and social BEP, he learned to code on his own in the evening. And since his Achilles heel was English, he had the idea of creating a game for his daughter to learn English : "I said to myself why not create something magnificent which does not yet exist on the market and which would facilitate its learning". 

200,000 euros of investment

Two years ago, Ahmed Belabbas met Redouane Bouchane at an event for young start-ups. They set up Mirabo together and joined Station F in Paris, which hosts 1,000 innovative companies: "We joined the Fighters Program, which is one of the most selective programs", explains Redouane Bouchane.

They then led a fundraising campaign and the Ingberg family, whose son Michaël is the former boss of Meccano, invested 200,000 euros. He found a factory in France for them to manufacture the product: "When you have small start-ups that give you good products, it's our role to help them stay in France and manufacture in France. I knew when there were 200 French manufacturers, today there are only 35 to 40."

Since the opening of sales on October 1, 10,000 Mirabo products have been sold: "It's amazing, but it's even more exciting to tell yourself that this is just the beginning. Now we have the world in front of us, we just have to conquer it. ”From next year, Mirabo will be exporting with Spanish, German, and lots of other lessons for children all over the world.




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