Nintendo is Japan's richest company

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Alec Guiness had warned us a long time ago: "Everything depends above all on our own point of view", but no one wanted to listen to him. Result: between the players who complain about a rather starved release schedule on Switch and the financial analysts of the video game industry, the incomprehension is total.

If the dictionaries were still consulted in 2020, they would undoubtedly allow to see the logo of Nintendo accompanying the definition of "insolent success": whereas its value made a jump of three billion dollars only a few days ago. with just one, the manufacturer now ranks first among the richest companies in Japan, just that.

According to the Risk Monster site, Nintendo won the gold medal on the archipelago, with an estimated cash flow of 890 billion yen, or the equivalent of 7.1 billion of our euros, to give you an idea. The study covers the latest financial results and international accounting standards, but does not specify how the excellent health of the Switch and a recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons have enabled the one that we would still struggle with. to be defined as the "small Kyotoite craftsman" to climb to the top of this ranking.


And because if you are here, the figures are as much your hobby as our dear Trazom, remember that 61.44 million transportable consoles have been sold since its launch in March 2017, and with 22.40 million copies, the latest Animal Crossing could even become the best-selling game on the Switch, as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to lead it by a short head, with its 26.74 million.

To find another company well known to players within this Top 20 richest Japanese companies, you have to go down to 18th place, where Bandai Namco Holdings totals 189 billion yen in cash, which is still 1, 5 billion euros.

Will there still be people telling us that Nintendo is going to die? A priori, nothing is less certain ...


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