The Rejoué association gives old toys a second life

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"There are 100,000 tons of toys thrown away per year, which actually means more than one toy per second that is thrown away." It is on the basis of this sad observation that Claire Tournefier chose to create, in 2012, the association Rejoué, which collects and renovates toys to give them a second life.

"There is one in 5 children who are poor children, that means that there is something wrong with this society of overconsumption and inequality compared to children who do not have them (toys, We could extend those we already have "before buying them," she explains to RTL.

Seven years after this observation, Claire Tournefier entrusted this mission to 46 back-to-work employees, who receive thousands of used toys every day. These are collected in companies where employees bring back those of their children, to partner distributors, in schools or directly to the association's premises.

65 tonnes of toys collected in 2018
Once the toys have been received, the team carries out "a very selective sorting, according to the CE marking, which is the first safety mark on this market. Then, we check whether they are very solid, if they are not. have no roughness, if they are not broken, ”explains Claire Tournefier. And if a part is missing, that's not a problem, just look in the boxes, filled with Barbie, Lego or other Meccano. Once the toy is complete, head to the cleaning room where most of them are then washed by hand.

After a final quality control, the toys are sent to one of Rejoué's two shops. "We are very happy because we have 4 public markets, communities that are committed to buying second-hand toys. We are pleased to see that these toys will once again join a children's collective. That means that they will be used even more ", rejoices the founder of the association. On average, products are sold 50 to 60% cheaper than market prices. In 2018, the Rejoué team collected 65 tonnes of toys, and nearly two-thirds were put back into circulation.




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