Grendizer, Transformers, Kiki ... Toys from the 80s are on display

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This new museum with the air of Ali Baba's cave for the 80th generation is located in Nielles-les-Calais, in Pas-de-Calais. Its name: "Back to the toy". A trip to our childhood.

Kiki, Transformers, Magic Tree, Smurfs, Atari, Goldorak, Meccano ... nothing is missing in the 14 display cases of this toy museum hidden in an agricultural shed in Nielles-les-Calais, in the Pas-de-Calais. Frédéric Vincent, the creator of the place, has achieved the feat of bringing together thousands of games from the 80s. A journey through time that brings back beautiful memories.

As you can imagine, Frédéric Vincent is a forty-something who played, as a child, with a good number of pieces exhibited in this temple of the 80s: "The first toy I bought was a toy from my childhood. It's Grimlock. He's a Gen 1 Transformers. I had him when I was little. I bought him three or four years ago and that's what made me want to to redeem all that is here ".

Many games and toys have been found on the internet and all are in perfect condition. A real treasure that Frédéric wanted to share with as many people as possible. "That's everything, for everyone. Every person who comes in here has to find one of their memories. I want to hear 'Wow', 'Oh yeah, you remember?'

A thousand and one memories 

A successful bet for both boys and girls of the time. Far from the debate on gendered toys, we find here the Gi Joe and the Goldoraks and the famous pink house, Lucie village: "My cousin came to play at my place at the Transformers and I came at her place, to play at the Lucie village houses. What impressed me was all the gadgets like the hidden walls that make the little characters disappear."

This museum named Back to the toy - nod to the 80s movie Back to the future - was designed as a real shopping street. A must-see place for nostalgics and fans of the 80s. So come to Frédéric's place in the Calais countryside as soon as the confinement is lifted.




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