Check out Facebook's next VR headset: The Meta Quest Pro

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Check out Facebook's next VR headset: The Meta Quest Pro


The annual conference of Facebook simply renamed Connect 2021 was the opportunity for its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to present us his vision of Metaverse.

But above all to confirm that the new name of the Meta group becomes the brand of the next Oculus mixed reality devices (AR and / or VR). So theEye Quest 2 should quickly take the name of Meta Quest 2.

Meta thus presented 2 projects. The first concerns augmented reality glasses (we better understand the shape of the Meta logo). While the second, under the code name " Cambria project ". The next high-end virtual reality headset from Meta. So I decided to call him the Meta Quest Pro and to detail what we know and hope for this project.


Oculus Quest is Now Meta Quest as New Branding Hits Website

Items announced for the Meta Quest Pro


the Cambria project is preparing a high-end VR headset with naturally a higher price than the Meta Quest (or current Quest 2).

Indeed, it must include all the latest technologies that we could also discover in the announcements from Pimax, Shadow Where Arpara.

But also take advantage of software developments created by developers with the new "Presence Platform" which includes the Passthrough API, improved interactions with the hand and advanced use of voice commands directly in apps and games.


  • Real-time eye tracking and facial tracking. This technology is used to broadcast your real face expressions to your avatar in virtual reality. A solution for social or professional interactions.
  • Color passthrough. A new feature ideal for enjoying augmented reality while wearing your helmet. Applications or games will be able to add objects or characters to the view of your real environment. This allows us to have virtual images superimposed on our real world.
  • Improved optics for a sharper image, deep blacks without a grid effect. Meta is abandoning Fresnel optics to switch to what they call Pancakes Optics !
  • Voice commands in games and apps.



Meta Quest Pro



Features Meta Quest Pro


Here are the features that I consider likely on the next VR headset:


  • Helmet type: AR / VR
  • Standalone operating mode or with PC connected (wired or wireless)
  • Processor Qualcomn XR2
  • 2 Pancake screens with a resolution of 2560 x 2560 px
  • FOV or field of view: 110°
  • IPD adjustment from 56 to 72 mm (pupillary deviation)
  • Display frequency or refresh rate: 90 to 120 Hz
  • 8 GB storage with 256 GB
  • Built-in 4600 mA battery


Features and Accessories


  • Controllers: 2 rechargeable on magnetic base
  • Recognition of facial movements
  • Color passthrough
  • Movement detection: with cameras, without external base
  • Dimensions and maximum weight 400 grams


Connection and connection


  • Log in Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.
  • A USB-C 3.2 port (charge and / or PC connection)
  • One 3.5mm audio jack.



Meta Quest Pro price and launch date


The next VR headset is announced for 2022. Depending on the launch dates of previous models, the Meta Quest Pro could launch in May 2022 (like the Oculus Quest and the Rift) or October 2022 (Quest 2).

For the price, Meta has clearly announced a move upmarket. Currently, the competition offers the very high end from € 1990, while the Meta Quest or Quest 2 is only € 349. The range is therefore very wide.


2022 high-end VR headset competition


  • Arpara is now marketing its Arpara 5K and an autonomous variation to come.
  • Varjo has just launched the Shadow Aero, a powerful VR headset for € 1,990 (without bases and joysticks
  • The sublime and overpowering Pimax Reallity QLED 12K. A level of image never before offered in a VR headset which is announced for the end of 2022. This leaves a little time to have content using such performance.


For my part, I think that Meta, even going upmarket, will seek to offer a product that will remain affordable in order to target mass marketing. For me the price will therefore be between € 799 and € 1,299. This corresponds to the price of the most efficient smartphones.


First review Meta Quest Pro or Cambria project


It's been a short time since virtual reality headsets have democratized, and let's be honest it is mainly thanks to the offer of VR headsets launched by Facebook and its Oculus Rift, Quest and Quest 2 range. Certainly, during this month of october we had several announcements of remarkable products, but at prices between 2000 and 3000 €. It is therefore difficult to think of the general public market.


5 Rating criteria for a virtual reality headset


To have a good VR headset, there are 5 essential points for me to take a good look at:

  • Comfortable to wear. Lightweight with less than 450 grams, many settings such as IPD, head circumference, diopters (for use without prescription glasses)
  • Easy to use with or without connection to PC / console, with or without cable and without additional base to find your way in space. This is called an AIO (All In One) VR headset.
  • A best possible image quality for good immersion (4K definition, 120 ° FOV, 120 Hz refresh)
  • A Generous library of games and applications.
  • One higher price by the greatest number (between € 799 current price of a PSVR headset with a PS4 and € 1,299).


First Meta Quest Pro Review


  • 7/10 for comfort
  • 9/10 for ease of use (mixed with or without connection to PC
  • 9/10 with an existing library of over 5,000 games and applications
  • 6/10 for the general public price


But, currently the Oculus Quest 2 in its 128 GB version at 349 € is for me an excellent option to start in virtual reality with a full headset and with satisfactory performance for use in leisure. It is also a headset that can be used stand-alone or combined with a PC. This gives you access to a library of over 5,000 games and applications already available. But also many accessories to improve comfort (see below).

The choice of model Quest 2 in 256 GB at 449 € is perhaps less interesting. Even if it means wanting more upscale, we might as well wait for the Meta Quest Pro model.


The best Meta Quest accessories


  1.  Protective cover accessories for Oculus Quest 2 VR
  2.  Elite Meta Quest Strap
  3.  Silicone protective case for Oculus Quest 2 headset


Check out Facebook's next VR headset: The Meta Quest Pro

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