Confinement: how to do your Christmas shopping?

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While the country is confined at least until December 1, the French must manage between the giants of e-commerce and the "click and collect" in small neighborhood brands.

Emmanuel Macron announced a new confinement of the country at least until December 1. The President of the Republic hopes for significant effects on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in "the hope of celebrating Christmas and the end of year holidays with the family".

Beyond the traditional family celebrations which could be threatened, in particular because of travel restrictions, and the limits of gatherings, it is the Christmas races which will require a little organization this year.

Indeed, the confinement requires the closure of all so-called "non-essential" stores, with a few exceptions such as Fnac or Darty, which have obtained an exemption unlike bookstores. Hypermarkets will also remain open. Parents can therefore count on the "toy" departments of supermarkets.

If it is now impossible to enter a small business, some in between practice the "click and collect". Several bookstores or restaurants have indicated that they use this system to avoid total closure of their point of sale. A good solution to support small neighborhood brands.


The "click and collect" to save local businesses?

In the midst of all these anxiety-provoking announcements on the reconfinement, the government on Thursday (October 29th) detailed the state aid that will be able to benefit companies in difficulty. The development of "click and collect" remains a hope for closed businesses.

The "click" represents the sound of your computer mouse when you click on the product you are reserving. And the "collect" is when you go get your product, all wrapped up. With the certificate now, you just have to check box number 2: travel for essential purchases.

This approach works for buying a book from your bookseller, for a bouquet of flowers, for beauty products, a perfume, and even for those who want to buy a car. Vehicles from car dealerships can also be reserved by click and collect. Industry representatives fought for this because continuing to sell cars also means continuing to produce them. The entire production chain will continue to operate, even at idle speed.

Several tens of thousands of businesses affected

Potentially, tens of thousands of businesses could limit the breakage of the containment, by making it possible to buy on the internet, even by phone, or by organizing deliveries, such as meals delivered from cafes - restaurants.

The trend had already emerged in the spring, at the time of the first containment. According to Bercy, this device has reduced breakage: 25% less loss of turnover for those who have started. There is now the "angershopping" platform, which brings together traders from Angers, there is "", everywhere in France, florists have joined in, there are even butchers who offer click and collect on Facebook.



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