How does cloud gaming work on Nintendo Switch?

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This is the big announcement of the week for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, players can now use Cloud gaming to play.

Long criticized for its lack of power against the competition, the Nintendo Switch may have found a way to allow its users to test the latest next-gen innovations. Used in Japan for some time now, Cloud gaming has just arrived on the hybrid console of the Japanese firm in Europe.


A convincing introduction?

Officialized on the occasion of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Control Ultimate Edition - Cloud Version is now playable via the Cloud. To do this, you just have to go to the eShop to download a free 98 MB application (on the game page). The user must pay € 39.99 to benefit from unlimited access to the game. Note that the first hour of trial is free.

In the case of Control, two modes can be selected. A first called "Improved graphics" includes ray tracing with a framerate at 30fps and a second "Improved performance" which disables ray tracing to switch to 60fps. A first preview is available above. Soon, Hitman III will also be available in Cloud Version on Nintendo Switch.




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