What is a fidget?

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C’est quoi un fidget ?

At Enjouet, we love fidgets ! In fact, we have a wide range to meet everyone's different stimulation needs. In this file, we come back to these great tools! What is a fidget? Which one to choose ? What to do at school? All the answers in our fidgets special file !

What is a fidget?

From English, meaning "to stir", "to fiddle", "to wriggle", "to have the fidgets", the fidgets are small tools aimed at children and adults hyperactive/ADHD or have attention problems and focus. They can be used at school, at home or in the workplace and help to focus attention by offering a motor outlet for tensions and movement desires. These various objects encourage manipulation: they mix, grind in all directions and provide a welfare tactile. Discreet, they slip into the bag, the case, the pocket...

Fidgets à presser

Why do we all need fidgets?

 Originally, fidgets were designed to provide concentration assistance to children and adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or carriers of autistic disorders. However, these tools can be used by everyone! Indeed, simple movements such as biting your nails, turning your pen or nervously moving your leg highlight the motor need we have, to concentrate or to de-stress. These tools as a stress ball for hyperactive that encourages manipulation are then a suitable response to our movement needs.

The Fidget Hand Spinner Revolution

Before the summer, we saw landing in schools and on the fingers of many children the famous Hand Spinner ! It was a real revolution that pleased and displeased… But which made it possible to talk about tools that help people with specific needs. It is a fine example of designs for all. Design for all translates into innovation, by and for people, with a thought that places the user of the tools at the heart of the strategy and that favors empathy. did you know that what is essential for 10% of the population with a disability is necessary for 40% of the population, and equally comfortable for everyone?!

In our article "The fidget Hand Spinner, a specific solution that has become a fashion phenomenon”, we come back to the origin of fidgets, but also to the need to go beyond the Hand Spinner fashion phenomenon. If you want to go even further on the subject, discover the testimonial from the mother of Melvinn, 4 years old who tested the Hand Spinner. 

 Sélection de handspinner

Hand spinner standard : a totally silent, well-balanced handspinner that spins fast! Colors according to stock. Size 7.5 cm. From 3 years old.

Fidget midget par 2 : A set of 2 totally silent mini spinners while being extremely satisfying in terms of self-stimulation. They are rolled between two fingers or simply balanced on the index finger. Plastic and metal. Diam. 3cm. Colors according to stock. From 3 years old.

After the Hand Spinner, how do we do at school?

We know that the Hand Spinners have put you off, but we swear that there are fidgets that are discreet, silent and that don't make you want to play games with them... So to find out what types of fidgets can go well in class, discover our article.

Which fidget suits you?

Although the goal is to focus attention and improve concentration, there are different types of fidgets that each meet specific needs.


 What is a fidget?

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